Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day at the Aquarium

So, we decided to go to the Bay Aquarium while Nana was visiting. It was awesome! I was a little worried about how pricey it was going to be, but with a military discount it was fine!  

The tanks were just the right height for Joanna to look into and see the fish in there. This eel was huge! Joanna and him were having a stare down.

Joanna LOVED the jellyfish that they had.

The next thing we saw was MY favorite thing. A big red octopus! They have been my favorite sea creature ever since I read the Ranger Rick special on Octopuses. And this one was awesome!

They have a dome under the tank so the little ones can look into the tank. I haven't wished I was a kid so badly in a long time!

Octopus saying "Hi" to Joanna


Then! They had a tube so we can see the bigger fish.

Joanna got to touch starfish.

After the Aquarium, we went to eat at Bubba Gump. Here is Joanna watching the merry-go-round while we were waiting to be seated.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Joanna the Cook

Auntie Shay gave Joanna a chef set for her birthday. And she rocks it!

So, we decided to make Macaroni 'n' Cheese today!

Stirring the noodles

Kneading the cheese

Mixing the butter in

SO excited!

Adding the cheese

Mixing it all together!

On August 3rd, it was Coast Guard day. We went to the celebration at Coast Guard Island. 
They had a petting zoo, and Joanna had a blast.

They had goats, and llamas, and sheep, and bunnies, a guinea pig, and a turtle.

This tall llama would walk where ever he wanted. He would step on the other animals, 
he even knocked over a little kid!

Oh, there was a pig too.

And Joanna thought petting a pig was awesome.

Joanna also got to jump in a bouncy house for the first time.

And afterwards, we went to the park.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


    Hello! I am Suzannah. I am married to a hunky ginger named Jonah and we have a sassy daughter named Joanna Beth. 

Our Story...

    Jonah and I met when we were 6, and 4 months old, at a party. Just before I turned 2, my parents moved to Sedro Woolley, where Jonah and his family were living. 

    So for the next 6 years, Jonah and I were in primary together. When I turned 8, my family moved to Anacortes. Then when Jonah was 12, he and his mother moved to California. We would see each other, once in a while when he and his mother would visit the grand-parents, for holidays. 
    When we were 16, Jonah's uncle Mark was getting married. Since Jonah was going to be the only one his age at the wedding, his grandma asked me to come along and be his companion.

 (I would like to point out that she had me wear my little black dress, which looked FABULOUS on me.) We had never considered each other as more than brother and sister till then. 

    We had never been single at the same time before that, or since then frankly. It wasn't till we were 18 and he had moved up to his grandparents' house, (which is a few blocks from my parents' house) that we started hanging out. His grandmother had been bugging me for YEARS to come visit while he was there. 

    Our first kiss was on my 19th birthday. One thing led to another, he proposed right before Valentine's day, and we got married in June. 

Jonah joined the US Coast Guard, and graduated 2 days before our wedding. We got stationed in Astoria, Oregon.  Joanna was born while we were there. 

On our one year anniversary, we were all sealed in the Seattle Temple for time and all eternity.

We have now lived in Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia and now California. We are very happy where we are now, and can't wait to see what life holds in store for us.